120th Day, A Soul Arrives!

120th Day, A Soul Arrives!

When I was pregnant with my third child Bodhi, I decided to have a very conscious pregnancy.  I began reading all I could about Pregnancy Yoga, natural birth, and so on.  I was most impressed by Gurmuks book, “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful.”  Her book is a step by step guide through a a pregnancy while practicing Kundalini Yoga.  Each trimester has a set of special meditations to connect with yourself and your baby, and I learned so many new things that.

I learned that in  the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation there is a special celebration during pregnancy to honor the soul who arrives on the 120th day after conception (the fourth month). It is believed when the soul enters the body, a baby’s subconscious mind begins to develop and absorb a multitude of messages. This is marked as a very important time to protect and pay keen attention to the messages we feed ourselves and we allow in (from the conversations we have, the music we listen to, and to the over exposure to electromagnetic fields like cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.)

With this knowledge my husband and I set off to have the best pregnancy we could have.  I ate no animal products, only listened to calm and soothing music, did morning yoga each day, meditated, went on walks each day during the sun set (it was my only real quiet time because the kids were finally asleep.)

In my point of view we have a responsibility to our un born children.  Our baby’s depend on us to step up and do our best for ourselves and for them.  I love how many women are taking steps towards having a conscious pregnancy, and they carry this with them into mother hood.  And for those of us who are practicing these kinds of things we can educate other women who haven’t been blessed with this knowledge yet.  But remember to do it in a compassionate and none judging way, sometimes it’s easy to shake our heads at what other moms are doing with their kids but we’ve all been there so let’s try to remember that.

Love you all,

Siri Shakti