Your Personal Life Lessons

Your Personal Life Lessons

When you were in your mothers womb you were aware of your vastness, you were aware and excited to come into this world and live a human life.  When you are born suddenly your memory of this knowledge is wiped away and now it’s your job to catch up to this awareness.

In each life time we are presented with a series of lessons that are meant for you to pass through.  In fact all relationships in your life and all the challenges you are presented with, are perfect for the lessons you need to learn.  The stress we feel, or the pain, is merely trying to get your attention.  It’s telling you to pay attention, that there’s something that needs awareness and healing.

For instance, when I was 16 I began a 9 year struggle with eating disorders.  I suffered in silence for years and kept it secret from the world.  I hurt very deeply and didn’t have the tools to overcome this behavior.  It wasn’t until I began my life long journey studying and practicing Kundalini Yoga, that I began to shift my behavior.

First I realized the root of the behavior.  I realized that controlling food was a way to control something in my life and it was a way to numb the feeling of unworthiness.  Through a new awareness, yoga, meditation, and pure honestly with the people in my life, I slowly began to let go of this behavior.  And when I relapsed, I forgave myself and got right back on track again.

For the first time I felt empowered that I had the ability to take back control of my own life and behaviors.  The lesson I have pulled from this experience, is that I needed to be very kind to myself and very openly honest with my loved ones.  That an addiction can only survive when it’s hiding, it can’t survive out in the open, in the light.

I look at this experience as one of my big life lessons.  It was something I needed to pass through and from it I pulled great strength.

Where is there a lot of pain or hurt in your life?  Perhaps you have a relationship that is un settled, an addiction that you give into, a dream that you ignore with distraction, and so on!  Don’t you think it’s time to take 100% responsibility for your life and shine light on these lessons?  Are you willing to be that courageous to take one step, not knowing how, just knowing why?  This is exactly what I’ve done with my challenge with food, and because of this level of responsibility I now have, I know there is only success.

You’ve been given this life as a gift to take care of these things here and now, don’t postpone your growth and wait for another life to get out of your ignorance.  Ignorance does not mean your dumb, it simply means you ignore what you know, so let’s stop ignoring what we already know in our heats.


Siri Shati Kaur Ardebili