Why Is Kundalini Yoga So Special?

Why Is Kundalini Yoga So Special?

My family and I truly love Yoga, but for our family Kundalini Yoga is our Yoga of choice.  After studying other kinds this type of yoga has benefited our growth like none other.  It holds that special place in our hearts.

So the question is, “Why is Kundalini Yoga so special?”

It may be considered, however, that Kundalini Yoga, which was kept secret for a long long time, does hold most of the keys to Yoga on the whole. It is seen as the most integrated of all Yogas from which all other Yogas have sprung from, which is why it is known as the ‘mother of all Yogas’.

More than any of the reasons to practice Kundalini Yoga, it works on strengthening and awakening your spine and your central nervous system to awaken the Kundalini energy, known as the nerve of your soul. This is the real reason why we do Yoga, and this is what no other Yoga will make clear to you, but it is where all Yoga eventually leads to. Why wait!. Within you in a vast  and largely untapped reserve of energy (at the base of your spine) that is waiting to be rediscovered by you. When released it will  give you the energy and creativity to do everything you have ever dreamed of and more. You simply will not believe how differently, how positive, how proactive and creative you start to be in your life once your life force returns (Kundalini) from the day Kundalini Yoga takes root in your daily weekly practice.

In our family Kundalini Yoga has become a daily morning practice.  It’s simply a part of our lives, just as important as brushing our teeth. Kundalini Yoga is so effective, and you will achieve real results very fast! It is the most powerful form of Yoga.

Now days you can buy yoga videos at local health stores, take a yoga class in your home town, pick up a good book, but my personal favoroteit is the practice of Guru Singhs recorded Kundalini Yoga classes.  Guru Singh is a Master of Kundalini so he knows what he’s doing.  I love how he guides you through each pose, telling you what each pose is doing for you.  He encourages us to keep up by reminding us not too just do what’s easy.

Here’s a link to  his site, you can sign up for his pod casts and get monthly yoga sessions sent to you.  When I get a new yoga session I work on it all month to master it, you could do the same.



Siri Shakti