To Circumcize Or Not To Circumcize?

To Circumcize Or Not To Circumcize?

To be honest I had never given thought to circumcision until I found out I was pregnant with a son.  Then the question came up and I had no idea which path to choose.  Most Americans circumcise their boys at birth, and with no questions.  I ask every question in the book so simply going with what every one else does wouldn’t work for me.  I began my reading, my research, and I was so happy I did because I discovered some very important information that most new parents never hear about.

First of all lets picture this.  You go through this amazing birth, your baby’s birth was very traumatic for him, he was safe and warm for nine months in your womb and now he’s out in the bright and loud world for the very first time.  Then within hours they take him from the safety of his mommies arms and into the hands of nurses.  Now we know what come next, they snip, cut his penis.  Your little fragile baby boy cries in pain, it’s truly traumatic for such a fresh new baby.

There is so much debate on this issue but one things stands true.  If you are going to circumcise your son then wait a while.  Don’t do it within the first 40 days.  In all yoga practices they teach that it take 40 days to establish the babies energetic aura and any trauma done to the baby will really effect him on an emotional level.  We don’t realize how special those first 40 days are.  Your baby isn’t done baking yet so be gentile with him.

We chose not to circumcise our baby boy and I’m so happy with this choice.  We will have the chance to teach him that God made him just how he wanted him and we can explain to him that we chose not to have his penis cut.  When you put it like that it sounds awfuller.

So new parents choose wisely, if you choose to do it then please wait until your baby is older.  In Denmark they wait until the boy is 4 or 5, that is the norm, they understand that babies are just too young.

Good Luck!