Till Death Do Us Part… And Forever!

Till Death Do Us Part… And Forever!

It’s everywhere we look:  on television, in movies, and in real life.  Couples falling passionately in love, getting married, perhaps have a family, only to divorce years later.

It almost seems like the norm to divorce each other.  But what happened to, “till death do us part?”  They came before God, before family, and friends to devote their lives to each other.  And when times got tough, things were said and done.  Instead of sticking it out side by side, they decided it’s time to start over.

From personal experience, marriage is not always easy.  Not at all.  You two come together in marriage, both with a basket of things from your past.  You do your best to sort it all out while doing your best to keep your relationship going strong.

My husband and I had been through many ups and downs.  There were times when I thought, “This is the end.”  Thank God my teacher Guru Singh helped us through it and taught me what marriage is really all about, and what true commitment looks like.  To be honest, I’d heard of commitment but like most of us, I had not yet grasped what it really meant.  Commitment means, “I am here for you, you are here for me no matter what happens.”  It’s simply taking divorce out of the picture.

Just like Will Smith said when asked about his long lasting marriage to Jada Pinkett-Smith,  “We simply take divorce out of the equation, it’s not an option.”

Commitment is stronger than any emotion you could ever feel.  It means when you feel angry, upset, sad, or like it’s over, you know those are just emotions and they will pass.
Not only will this lesson save your marriage, it will renew it.  Your marriage will never be the same knowing that you are together forever.  There is no, “Till death do us part.”  You are committed through this lifetime and the next and the next.

Just think about your current relationship or marriage.  Are you committed to them 150%?   Is there ever any threat of one of you leaving?  Can you imagine for a moment how your marriage would change if you knew there was no way of it failing?  That kind of marriage feels secure, strong, and is so much happier.  Right now you can decide to be that committed to your husband or wife, even your boyfriend or girlfriend.  The quality and feeling you experience in your relationship will immediately change.

And if you have kids, just think about the kind of example you will be for them.  They will see you both committed to each other, and naturally that is what they will gravitate to in their own relationships. That is the biggest gift you could ever give them.