Raising Children And Raising Our Future

Raising Children And Raising Our Future

Today we spent a wonderful afternoon at the park, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the smell of Spring filled the air!  I felt inspired and full of hope.  In a distance I watched my children play and enjoy themselves.  They played make believe, went down slides, went on the swings, and relished in the sunshine.

As I watched them play I reflected on my role as Mama, and my commitment to educating and helping them grow.  No one gives us a instruction book on raising kids but if we look inside ourselves for the answers, your own personal answers will be clear.

I’ve learned, when confusion or doubt over come me, I do my best to focus on my heart.  I breath into my heart and ask for clarity.  In raising children this is so powerful.  For instance…  When I was deciding what kind of education to give our children, I felt so confused and unsure of myself.  But then I decided I needed to come up with our own recipe, the recipe for education that worked for our family.  I spent a lot of time in meditation and the answer was clear.  We were going to be a home schooled, Unschooled family.  Of course we are always learning and shifting things, but the clarity of home schooled family was perfect for us.

You see our children are our future, they are the next generation who will be responsible for the care of our planet, and the care of each other.  And as our population grows and we move into the Aguarian Age, it’s up to us wise Adults, to embrace this kind of clarity.  And as a direct result, we will be teaching our kids to do the same.

“So when in doubt, or confused, look inside and find clarity”