Healing Your Family

Healing Your Family

You are a human. You came to this beautiful blue planet to experience what it is like to be a human, to learn, to grow, to discover, to be who you were meant to be.

When you are birthed into the world by your mother, you are connected by blood and by genetics to your Mother and Father. Even if you are adopted and have no contact with your parents, this doesn’t change that you are deeply intertwined with the people that created you.

The make up of your genetics is built upon the people that you came from… your lineage.

When I had a spiritual awakening many years ago, I learned a very valuable lesson. What ever I work on and heal in my life will directly effect my blood relatives. What ever deep seated challenges that I over came, would help to heal my family.

When I say deep seated challenges; I’m referring to those challenges, thought patterns, or behavior patterns that have been in your family for generations. These behaviors that are passed down and sit deeply in our genetic make up.

As you consciously decide to work on yourself and begin to wake up in your life, you will start seeing those behaviors, thought patterns, and challenges. You can slowly and graciously work on releasing them, through prayer, meditation, yoga, or what every way you see fit.

You will need to keep your eyes open and aware, so you can see the patterns you express.

I will share one from my life, to give you an example. When my children were very young and I decided to home school them. My father said to me, “Who do you think you are to homeschool your kids, you can barely spell.” Whether I realized it or not, that sang through my head like a Mantra. For years I struggled painfully to believe in myself. I thought perhaps he was right.

It wasn’t until I decided to focus on this in meditation and prayer, that I felt the healing. Through my meditation and prayer, I also saw that he was speaking from a deep seated fear. This was a fear that started way back in our lineage. Seeing this and understanding this began to free me.

As you begin releasing yourself from those chains, the people you call family, your lineage will begin to be released as well.

If you have children, the genetic connection is even greater. That’s why they have the saying, “There’s nothing greater than the prayer of a Mother.” It’s because your child was inside your womb, inside your body. They felt what you felt, heard what you heard, and for 9 months were one with you.

I can totally relate to this. Over these years, as I’ve grown up and waken up, I’ve seen my children transform. The things that I was once bound by, they don’t seem to be effected by, or even bothered by. And the behaviors I have yet to release, I’m doing the work everyday, not only for myself, but for them as well.

It is my prayer for all of you, that you can slowly and graciously wake up in your life. And together we can begin healing ourselves and our families with a compassionate heart.