Blessings To Your Enemies

Blessings To Your Enemies

Sat Nam!

Hello my dear friends,

In our lives, each of us have people who have hurt us, people who perhaps we can’t stand or tend to be negative.  These sorts of people we avoid and for good reason.  On one side it is important to protect oneself, it’s important to be around people that lift you up and support you.  On the other side, these people need our blessings, need our prayers.

People don’t behave badly unless they are hurting in some way.  Being the very conscious person that you are, what if you were to send them your love and forgiveness?  What we think, what we pray about have a much larger effect than you may realize.  Everything is energy and we are all interconnected.  Can you imagine the effect you could have?

In your week, find some time to sit quietly.  Envision the person who upsets you, imagine healing light surrounding them,  helping them to see clearly.  Imagine this feeling joy in their heart, in replace of the pain.

The amazing thing about this practice, is that you benefit from what every you give back.  Not only are you healing them, you are healing yourself in the process.  The world needs more people like this, people who love and forgive, who help in the healing of others, not just out for themselves.

Much Love,

Siri Shakti