Be Who You Were Born To Be!

Be Who You Were Born To Be!

We come into life with a double standard.  Our lower leg represents this standard, the lower leg has two bones, and it holds you up in life.  One standard is what the world will want you to be.  The other standard is what you came here to be.  And you spend much of your life negotiating that standard.  “Do I become what the world wants me to become, or do I become what I was sent here to become?”  And if you become who you were sent here to be, you don’t become it at all, you just be it.”

But you have to accommodate the world to a  point because it’s a social enterprise, and there are people in your life that you need to take into consideration.  How much do you accommodate others, and in that accommodation how graceful are you?  The more graceful you are in your daily life will make your life, and your relationships go much smoother.  In a state of grace you can be who you were meant to be and still accommodate the world to a point.

So consistently you must balance this.  Those who don’t balance this, for the most part, are either one of two extremes, Brut or Slave.

Brut consciousness is very successful at times, very disliked most of the time.  For instance, you may know of a very successful person that is very disliked.  A Brut brings their standard, but ignores all other standards.    The other extreme is called slave.  You are consistently viewing who you are communicating with, to determine their approval of you.  You never want to get into a place where you have to actively seek approval from others.   Never get into a place where you have to prove yourself.  “We are not here to prove ourselves, we are here to improve ourselves.”

This is such a valuable lesson to remember every day.  In my own life I try to be conscious of how I am being.  Am I being how everyone else wants me to be, or am I being true to myself.  I know from experience, trying to gain everyones approval will only leave you tired and sad.  There is simply no way to make everyone happy, and we do it at what cost?

But remember, being who you were meant to be takes guts.  It’s much easier to go with the flow, to just fit in to what others want of you.  But that is no life at all, it’s a slave to others expectations.  So be brave, be bold, be honest with yourself, and choose to be you!


Siri Shakti