Working With Old Patterns

Working With Old Patterns

Sat Nam,

There are times in our life when old patterns will show there colors once again.  This is no need to worry and dwell upon it.  When we see old patterns rise up, it is showing itself because there’s still a piece that hasn’t been healed or understood yet.  Take this with great joy that it’s coming up, saying to you,”I’m hear still, please notice me and heal me.”

You see, each of us has old habits, old beliefs that once served us but no longer do.  God is very clever and knows how to get your attention.  It’s like a spark of fire that is lit under your butt to get you moving and to see yourself in a new way.

The beauty in Kundalini Yoga is that it’s so practical.  It’s a beautiful sacred art, yet can be so easily applied to the modern person.  When ever I struggle with something, I do a search for meditations or Kiryas (yoga sets) that will help in my current challenge.  If your new to Kundalini Yoga, you can ask for help from a teacher, they would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

“Be happy for your challenges, they are stretching you to grow and become even stronger.”

-Siri Shakti