Women As A Community!

Women As A Community!

A week ago I was blessed enough to be invited to a home schooling group, my good friend Katherine has home schooled her children for a few years now and has been involved in many different groups.  I have home schooled for many years my self but had not ventured out to seek other home schooling groups.

Now I get why it is so important to have a community of women, Of people, with a common ground to walk upon.  Not only did the children have a blast running all over that park, yelling, chasing each other, playing, spinning, climbing trees, tie dying T Shirts, Communicating, Eating, You name it.  But we had such a great time talking and laughing among other mothers who home school their children too.  As we sat under a shaded tree surrounded by out little babies and toddlers, we talked, nursed, ate snacks, laughed, and enjoyed the splendor of getting to know each other.

I loved sitting back and admiring the different styles of parenting, the added character that each mother brought to the group.  Yes we have so much in common but we are all so unique so each person brought something special to the group.  I was reminded of my trip to Fiji with my husband Dan.  As we drove from the air port and to our resort we had to pass through many small villages.  The Local Fijians live in small villages with about 200 people.  Everyone is so kind, and everyone knows one another.

What struck me was how the men spent the day with other men, they worked and took care of their responsibilities.  We passed by a group of women, all from the village.  They washed their clothes in a running creek, the kids played near by swimming, splashing, laughing, and enjoying being kids.  I loved seeing how all the women helped each other.  Yes they were hard at work, taking care of their responsibilities, but they socialized and helped one another.  I could feel the sense of respect and care they had for one another.

That is what I relate our day at the park too.  I felt like we were those women, we have our own community of women, supporting one another, learning from one another, and so on.

I feel blessed to have these new friends!