To Get Mad At Your Kids, Or Not, That Is The Question!

To Get Mad At Your Kids, Or Not, That Is The Question!

Everyone has different ways of disciplining or not disciplining their children.  I won’t touch on all the ways to discipline a child but I will share with you a helpful tip in raising your child.

I used to feel so awful when I got upset or mad with my kids, I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job in being a loving and respectful parent.

My husband and I believe spanking is a big no no, we also believe in mutual respect and communication when it comes to raising our kids.  But this does not mean you can never and will never get mad or loose your temper with your little ones.

In a session I had with Guru Sing he addressed this issue with me and his point made a lot of sense.  If your child sees that no matter what their behavior is no one in the home ever gets upset is a horrible thing to show a kid.  Why?  When it’s time for that kid to go out into the world and they are not with their mommy and daddy, they will have their ass handed to them if they display behavior that is inappropriate.

By the way I’m not saying get mad all the time, like a big child.  Of course you must use your anger consciously and not over use it or it won’t be effective.

I understand where parents come from when they want to practice gentile parenting, with no anger, but if you really think about it that is not how it is in the real world.  To have a well rounded child I believe we must be loving, respectful, and sometimes show them that we are upset when they are displaying behavior that is not so wonderful.  Then show them what good behavior looks like, show them by your own actions, a good example speaks very loudly.