Supporting One Another

Supporting One Another

I’ve written about this before, women helping women, supporting one another.  Still I feel the need to shed more light on this subject.

Women were made to be among other women, we were made to uplift and support one another in our daily lives, not to gossip and undermine each other.  I know from experience the amazing things that can happen and be accomplished when a group of women set out to up hold each other and look for the good that each woman brings to the table.

In my own life I deeply cherish the woman friendships that I have.  Sometimes I’m having a challange and I know I need some time with my girl friends.  there’s just something about communicating with a woman about a challenge that seems to un ravel the problem.  In fact I feel it serves both myself and my husband much more when I work out an issue I’m having by confiding in a woman I highly respect, rather than putting all my issues on my husband.  He is a man, not a woman, he does not understand and should not understand what it’s like to be a woman, so why would I want to come to him for help in solving a womanly dilemma?  Believe me, I used to come to him with all of my dilemmas and it was no good for our marriage.  I believe in having open communication in a marriage, but a man is not designed like a woman is.

Personally I like a man to be a man, and a woman to be a woman.

In my life right now many of my friends are pregnant, having babies, and going through challenges in marriage.  More than ever I feeling a calling to help other woman.  I also see how our culture gives little support to the female stages of life.  Mothers get only weeks of paid maternity leave, it’s not a custom to help our new Mama’s after birth, and so they are left to do it all by themselves., and in our marriages we are supposed to have it all figured out.

In our group of friends we are setting out to change all that.  We have a group of woman that includes about 10 women.  Together we are helping bring meals after a Mama gives birth, helping with the siblings, watching each others kids during pregnancy so the Mama has a break, and this week we are having a couples group, together we will help each other in our marriages, give advice, share what works and doesn’t work for us.  Really we have no out line for the group yet, it will happen organically.

This is what this new world needs, a fresh prospective on helping and supporting one another as women.  We can’t expect to do it all alone, to create a life, a family, a marriage all by yourself.  But together we can truly create all of this and more.

Sending love you all my fellow sisters,

Siri Shakti