Protecting Your Sacred Body!

Protecting Your Sacred Body!

When I think about the female body, I know it is so beautiful.  When God made a woman, she did a great job.  It’s like a piece of gorgeous art.

I was listening to some young teens talking a few days ago.  I could hear they were talking about sex and their boy friends. I was very happy to hear what they had to say.  One of the girls said she was going to wait until she was married to have sex, and the other girl agreed.  They sounded so sure of themselves!  I have to admit I was surprised because I’ve heard more stories about teens having sex, than not having sex.

Those girls probably don’t even know how awesome of a decision they are making, and provided that they follow through with it, their journey as an adult woman will be much smoother.

A women’s body is of course very different from that of a man’s body.  In yoga we understand that a woman and man have an arc of energy that goes from shoulder to shoulder, above the head.  But a woman has one more, and it’s very important.  This arc of energy goes from shoulder to shoulder across her chest.  A man does not have this arc.  Within this arc she holds all of her sexual experiences.

When she is sexually active with a man he is permanently imprinted on her arc of energy.  She takes on a part of his Karma.  When you look at this deeper it really makes sense.  Think about prostitutes…  these women, for the most part are in mental disarray.  These women’s lives are not stable, they don’t feel good about who they are, and the list goes on.  No wonder, they have taken on so many sexual partners. They have been imprinted by so many men, and now they can’t find themselves amongst all of this.

I feel it is our duty and our honor to cherish our Sacred Body.  You are a woman, you are a role model for all young women who have yet to reach adulthood.  With so many teens having sex so young, how cool would it be to share this wisdom with them?

Even if you were sexually active with men out of marriage, in your past, or perhaps you are now, you can make the change now.  Your body is so special and I believe it should not be given so easily.  And don’t ever forget how Sacred you are.