My Spiritual Teacher Gurmukh

My Spiritual Teacher Gurmukh

I first knew Gurmukh as an author.  I had become pregnant with our third child and wanted to find a great Prenatal yoga book.  There she was on the front cover of her book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful.  She was surrounded by pregnant mommies all looking happy and blissful.  I couldn’t wait to receive her book in the mail.  As I began to read there was a short story of her life.  I could relate to her life journey.  I too had dealed with my own sorts of addictions and decided to take a spiritual path that changed my life for the better.

Her book beautifully laid out teachings and special meditations for each stage of pregnancy.  I was my pregnancy hand book every step of  the way.  It was filled with ancient teachings taught for modern women!  And I truly felt bountiful, beautiful, blissful.

Her influence changed my perception of being a woman.  I decided on complete natural child birth and I was able to tap into my own inner strength.

As of now I’ve not met Gurmukh.  But she has made her impression on me through her books, online lectures, and online meditations.  This is the power of the sacred circle.  Choosing a woman role model that will empower you to live at a higher standard.

To me she is a teacher of commitment, grace, and transformation.