My Love

My Love

My Love

Never shall you be alone, my love.

For you were created by me, my love.

You are apart of me, my love.

In sadness, in happiness, in fear, and in faith,

I am here, with you, my love.

I’ve watched you, from birth, till death,

from one life time, and to the next, my love.

Making mistakes, passing through lessons, discovering who you are, my love.

And when you call upon me, I hold you up, my love.

Never stray from me, my love, for I created you, in my image, in my heart,

with every capacity, every ability to create the life you desire, my love.

And look upon this world, my love…  So many people, so many faces, so many hearts, waiting for you my love.

Waiting for the someone to guide them from darkness, and into the light, and back to me, my love.

So raise your head my love, dry our tears my love, fill your heart with my courage, and be the person you were meant to be, here on Earth…  My Love!