Learning The Way of The Eagles

Learning The Way of The Eagles

“Woman must grow from Chicks, and into Eagles.”  -Yogi Bhajan

As you begin to trust in your intuition, and trust whole heatedly that you are a wonderful and wise mother or father,  you will sense the the right moments to challenge your children in a way that will help them grow.

We can learn a great deal from Mother Eagles.  A Mother Eagle, by instinct, knows exactly when to begin teaching her young to fly.

Baby eagles learn to fly primarily by observing their parents. To encourage young eagles who don’t show an interest in flying, the parents sometimes fly around the outside of the nest with food in their claws to coax them to fly.  While food is a great motivator, the young eagles are curious about the world and like to imitate their parents. By perching on a nearby limb with a choice meal, the eagle parents are encouraging their young one’s sense of curiosity until the young eagle begins to leave the safe environment of the nest on its own.

I think as Mother and Fathers it’s easy to ignore our intuition,  our intuition tries to tell us it’s time to push down upon our children, and help them to fly in different areas of their lives.  Remember you are Mother or a Father, you are the primary teachers to your children, don’t be afraid to challenge them, and of course do it with the intent to honor and encourage them.

With Love,

Siri Shakti