Kids Yoga Rocks!

Kids Yoga Rocks!

How many of you have children?  Do your kids like to laugh, play, be wild, be crazy, jump, roll, kick, flip, and so on?  I know my kids love all of these things, and with kids yoga they can do it all and with a purpose!

For a few years now my kids have joined my husband and I in our yoga practice, they haven’t been on a daily practice like us but when ever they want to do it it’s available.  In the past few weeks I’ve encouraged them to do it more often and I can see the positive effects.

My daughter Kayleen sometimes has a very hard time focusing in her school work but when I turn on the yoga video she’s fully present.  She moves through each pose, sometimes giggling, sometimes singing, and other times quiet and meditative.  I’ve tried a little experiment with her, right after she’s done we go right into school work and I’ve noticed she can focus much better.  I would expect that since I know I focus much better after I’ve done a really good yoga set.

First of all  Yoga is awesome, it’s so good for you, and when done often it’s positive effects are abundant.  I really encourage all of you to look into it not only for yourself but for your kids too.  It is so cool to be in the next room and hear my kids chanting, “I am bountiful, I am blissful, I am beautiful.”  This is something they do in Snatam Kaurs Kid’s Yoga video, my favorite video for the.  And I love watching them act like different kinds of animals in the yoga video, “From Silly To Calm.”

So to sum this up I can only say, “Kid’s Yoga Rocks!”