Green Cleaners For Your Home And The Oceans

Green Cleaners For Your Home And The Oceans


Whether we want to believe it or not, or whether we want to acknowledge the truth, our oceans need our help.  Being apart of Green Peace I get emails and messages to hear about the amazing progress being accomplished and the awareness growing in humanity.  I believe humanity is headed for good things, not destruction.  But it’s our responsibility as a humans to protect and respect the world around us.

In this blog post I will focus on the use of cleaning supplies and the effects it has on our Oceans.  I can write it super simple for you.  For generations we had harmful chemical cleaning supplies at our fingertips and it was the norm.  They were advertised as the healthy way to kill germs and clean your home.  The problem is, these traditional store bought cleaning supplies kill more than germs.  They easily make their way down the drains and straight to the ocean.  Sea life is taking a bath in bleaches and other harmful chemicals.

Can you imagine being bathed in bleach and chemicals, you would die or be seriously hurt.  The good news is there are easy to purchase, store bought cleaning supplies that don’t cause damage to the oceans.  Some of these cleaners cost a few dollars more but you are in turn doing your part to protect and preserve the ocean.  What you do counts and if you make a change to clean your home with Green Cleaners, you are caring for your world in a very conscious way.

Some of you may be using harmful cleaners simply by habit.  You have used the same brands for years and they work great.  I felt the same way at first, but once I gave the  other cleaners a chance I found the ones that I preferred.  Here are the brands I Love….

1.  Method Dish Washer Detergent, the smarty dish detergent tablets.  I buy these are whole Foods.

2.  Earth Friendly Products, the window cleaner with Vinegar.  The Vinegar smell disappears immediately.

3.  Trader Joes Liquid Laundry Detergent

4.  Trader Joes Tea Tree Lavender Dish Soap.

All these products are low in cost and work very well!  Please take action on this immediately.  The time is now for us to all stand up and do our part and it begins in our homes!