Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Sat Nam,

I have written before on the topic of balance in our lives, but this is a topic that needs some steady reminding.  We give so much of ourselves, we play multiple roles, and this is all by design.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m wife, I’m mother, I’m Daughter, I’m Sister, I’m Teacher, I’m Artist, I’m Ancient Yogi, and the list goes on.

Each one of us has responsibilities that are important and must be tended to, but what about those responsibilities that are important but weigh on your own personal time?  Lately my heart has been trying to remind me that I need more time to myself.  We have a 2 year old son, he’s so wonderful, so energetic, so curious, and such a night owl.  Some nights I do all I can to get him to sleep on time and then 11:30 pm roles around and he’s just beginning to nod off.  For me this has been causing havoc on my morning Sadhana.  This may sound like an excuse to some people but only getting three hours of sleep a night doesn’t work for me, especially when I need to be fully energized for my two other children whom are both home schooled by myself.

“Ahhhh the wonderful balancing act of a woman!”  I know this is my own situation that needs some new ideas, and I know I have these answers within myself.

As you read my own story I’m sure you can relate.  Perhaps you have an area of your life that needs some new ideas.  Perhaps you can see the need for more time for you to recharge.  It’s all about a balance, and the great news is a new balance can be established at any moment.

Just off the top of my head I can see some new options for myself.  I could make sure he runs around outside enough so he will be even more tired, I could pardon myself and do a shorter Sadhana until he is through this stage, I could do meditation when he naps instead of cleaning house, and I could ask other Yoginis what they have done in these situations.

(Skip Forward a day) After writing this post I decided to give it a day until I finished it. I took to heart the things that I wrote about, and I came up with new ideas that could work. That evening I took my son out to play for an hour, he ran around, he burned off some energy. That evening he fell asleep at 9pm, that’s still a bit late but better than midnight! That evening I did a guided meditation and fell right to sleep, and I was able to wake up and do my full Sadhana. I feel so much better today.

You see this just goes to show, there’s always other options, we just have to tap into our knowing and find them. And it’s absolutely essential for us to have our own time, time of worship, time to take care of our physical body, time to do the creative things we love, and from that time you will have all the energy, and all the grace you need for your life.


Siri Shakti