Correcting The Imblanced You

Correcting The Imblanced You

Dear Friend.

In the past two months I went through a phase and stopped getting up at 5am and began rolling out of bed at 7am or 7:30am, only to be met with the kids raring to go.  I tried doing Yoga and meditation, but it doesn’t have the same effect when the sun has risen and I have a energetic 3 year old hanging on my shoulders.  I stopped going on my walks in the evening because I got caught up in the happenings of the evening and I stopped blogging to all of you.

Those three things combined make for a very imbalanced woman.  So I spent the next day reading my blog posts, remembering my walks I did almost every day; for 4 years and remembered the feeling of waking up before dawn to pray, meditate and do Yoga.

Life happens and it can happen really fast.  I’m sure many of you forget to find the time for yourself.  So you run on caffeine and pick me ups to race through your day, only to end the day feeling depleted and imbalanced.  Then the day begins again and off you run to take care of the kids, the home, the bills, the grocery shopping, the job, the husband, or the boyfriend.   But hold up there Missy…..   what about those daily commitments to your own excellence?  It’s in those moments of solitude, in those times of care that you replenish your self and fill yourself up; that way you can go out into the world feeling centered and clear.

Slow down, take time for yourself, you and everyone else reaps the benefits.  Life works awesome when you find a sort of balance in your daily lives.  Sit down today, take out a piece of paper and begin jotting down ideas for yourself.  When is a good time to carve out a committed time for yourself?  Perhaps an hour or even a half hour before the kids wake; that’s when I find my time.  What can you do to focus inward on yourself and feel connected to who you are?  This should be a time to honor yourself, reflect on your life.  I encourage walking as a means to connect as well.  Walking puts your body into a rhythm and if you pop on some very inspirational music; that does the job as well.

Good luck to you all and let’s all Keep up, so we can walk with Grace and Power throughout our lives.

Siri Shakti