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Talking To Strangers With Awareness!

I’m sure we’ve all heard and used that old saying, “Don’t talk to strangers.”  We say and use these things without even questioning what they really mean.  When we say don’t talk to strangers, what are we really teaching our kids? A stranger is someone you [Read More…]

  1. Guru Shakti:  We all hear enough about stanger danger.  We already know about that.  My point was to shine light on helping…

Being a Conscious Mother

Being a mother is so many things.  At times it’s glorious, blissful, tender, and sometimes challenging, confusing, and frustrating.  My husband and I have three healthy and happy children, two girls and one baby boy.  Each child is as unique and different as the next, isn’t [Read More…]

  1. Mom: Wow!!! How beuatiful. You go girl...