Homeschooling and parenting

Being A Mother To Humanity

How has time passed so swiftly, these little feet have grown so big now, these hands were so tiny.  I find motherhood one of the most wonderful, and most challenging things I’ve ever done.  It brings me to laughter and tears faster than anything in my [Read More…]

  1. katherine: this is a beautiful reminder to me to always be mothering and compassionate to all.  Thank you!

Baby Wearing Around The World!

When I was pregnant with my third child I read, “Bountiful Beautiful Blissful.  In this book she explains how much mamas and babies benefit from being carried in a sling.  She explained how babies now days are so hooked on plastic, many people use bottles instead [Read More…]

  1. Srcanova: Siri, I totally agree that seeing a mother (or father) and their child walking together, wrapped into one unit, is…

  2. Lisa: Hi, I agree with this so much.Here is me wearing mine, or ours, considering it belongs to us both :-)…