Being A Mother To Humanity

Being A Mother To Humanity

How has time passed so swiftly, these little feet have grown so big now, these hands were so tiny.  I find motherhood one of the most wonderful, and most challenging things I’ve ever done.  It brings me to laughter and tears faster than anything in my life.

As mothers we wonder, “Is this the right step, am I doing the best I can for my children?”

But what is mothehood?  Lately I’ve been feeling that mother hood is so much more than caring for our own children.  There are billions of people on this planet, so many people who are yearning for mother, for that unconditional motherly love.

When I see a poor man on the streets, lost in sorrow, I know he didn’t have that motherly love, for no man or woman could end up like this, when surrounded by a mothers love.

There is a young girl who lives in our neighborhood, she is alone a lot.  She is an only child, her mother travels all the time for work, her father stays home, but sends her out all day.  She knocks on our door about three times a day, and I see her wondering the neighborhood a lot.

To be honest I found her to be one of the most difficult children, and doesn’t listen very well.  I felt irritated that she would knock on the door all the time.  But then I realized, she is a child, a child who is lonely.  I began to work on myself internally, to be patient with her.  I have begun to look at her as my own child.

As women, one of the most healing actions we can take, is to embrace the Mother within each of us.  Being a Mother has little to do with giving birth, because even women who have never given birth are still Mothers.  God gifted us as creators, we have the ability to make miracles with our love, with our understanding, with our patience.

There is a whole planet awaiting the wise adults to take back the leadership.  So why not be apart of it in the most natural way, by being a mother to all of humanity, one person at a time.

This means…  accepting yourself, accepting each person for who they are, and for who they yearn to be.

This means…  forgiving the actions of those who know not what they do.  In most cases it’s adult children, people that look like adults on the outside, but are very much children on the inside.

This means… Knowing that God sent you here for a reason, you are a women, you are special, and you can make miracles with your motherly way.

Let’s do this together, in our daily lives, and heal the world in our own way.

Love you my dear Sisters!